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Hey there,

      I feel very jubelent while writing this post. This is not my first post but Yes! first on this site. I'm a very introvert kinda person who loves to spend time in solitude environment simply Alone!. Ofcourse there is a story behind this nature of mine. 

Long story short I'm a single child and my parents are working so I had to spend my time all alone. Presently I'm about to finish by B.E in Computer Science which is the stream I adore. Most people go for engineering and medical just because it's trendy or so. But hey! I'm different, I'm in this field because I wanted to.

I was no different from other few years back, wanted to peruse MBBS and stuff. Then I came across a twist in life where I learnt "Technology Is Everything". That period of my life was very precious, though life changing. Certain people - I can say teachers taught me the real magic of Technology. 

I learnt few languages that I probably don't remember now C# was one of my favorites. My all concepts towards tech changed and I dropped the idea of being a Doctor. Thought I'd do better in Tech.

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